About us

We are the seatbelts for AI

Eticas teams up with organizations to identify black box algorithmic vulnerabilities and retrains AI-powered technology with better source data and content.

Our Mission

Eticas Research & Consulting was created in 2012 with the aim of working on the impact of social, ethical and legal aspects of security policies, innovations and technological developments. Our contribution focuses on the analysis of contextual factors that can and should guide technological development and implementation, with special emphasis on understanding broader contextual issues associated with trust and acceptability, compliance of the legal context, social externalities and ethical issues in general.

At Eticas we optimise for impact, not profit. Revenue is an indicator of success, but not the only one.

Our Vision is to form a world where Technology aligns with Human Rights

Our Mission is to Protect People in Tech

Our Culture

Trust and strategy

We trust our team by default and work hard to be trusted by our clients. We do not underdeliver and we are strategic in our planning and execution with the aim to impact in the world and our customers.

Excellence and proactivity

We strive for the highest quality and deliver the best possible work. We try to move ahead of the curve and foresee issues and risks. We operate with a with zero waste but with an assurance plan.

Bravery and resilience

We address issues no one wants to and experiment to find new ways to make things better, surviving against all odds; we are not bought and still work hard to establish who we are.

Honesty and flexibility

We are open about our shortcomings and transparent about our operations. We take responsibility, adjust to the circumstances and adapt to the changing environment. We are one with the flow!

"We have landed the abstract notions of fairness, accountability and non-discrimination because we need more than good intentions: we need good practices. That's why we perform algorithmic audits and offer other practical solutions of ethical & responsible tech."
Gemma Galdón Clavell

Founder & CEO

Our People

Our socio-technical team spread across the globe is driven by the goal of transforming the digital world.


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