Civil Society



AI is having a transversal impact on our societies. It is also impacting on multiple fundamental rights and established protection mechanisms in ways that most organisations struggle to cope with.



We build bridges between traditional rights and causes and AI impacts to help organisations understand how technology and AI are impacting on their constituencies, dynamics and needs.



We work together with international and CSOs to reverse-engineer harmful AI, build team capacity and tackle gaps between established strategies and the needs of the digital age.

Adversarial Audits

As AI systems proliferate, the need to understand how they work and impact on communities, and specifically on vulnerable communities, becomes more and more urgent. However, as a “black box” technology that lacks transparency, auditing algorithms is not always easy or welcome by those using them. In this sense, advocacy and community groups need to develop tools to externally evaluate and audit AI and algorithms on the basis of their impacts, and reverse engineer their functionalities by working together with the impacted communities.

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