Algorithmic Auditing

International Conference

The first sharing forum where experts around the world showcase the different advances in the field to establish the standards of an Algorithmic Audit.


First International Algorithmic Auditing Conference

In a world where AI increasingly perpetuates injustice and discrimination, Eticas is convinced that algorithms must be accountable to ensure that ethical standards, social justice, equity, and transparency are included in the conceptualization and implementation of technological advancements.


We are shaping the future of tech and we are determined to embed ethics in it

Connect with our invited guests -coming from different parts of the world- who will analyze the algorithmic auditing landscape and regulations and discuss how to overcome the challenges that are encountered by the rapid development of decision-making systems impacting the lives of millions of people.

First International Algorithmic Auditing Conference

Gemma Galdon Clavell

Eticas' Founder & CEO


“Algorithmic audits are the seatbelts of AI. 

They make AI better and safer, and more efforts are needed to turn them into an industry standard before the trust relationship between society and innovation is broken beyond repair”

Meet the Auditors


Lofred Madzou


Ramak Molavi

Mozilla Foundation

Jenny Brennan

Ada Lovelace Institute

Dr. Michael Veale

University College London

Dr. Jacob Metcalf

Data&Society Researcher & Ethical Resolve

Dr. Shea Brown


Dr. Jennifer Cobbe

University of Cambridge

Dr. Jat Singh

University of Cambridge

Divij Joshi

University College London

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